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The Poet Laureate of Trinidad and Tobago title is the new incarnation of the former, Poet Laureate of Port of Spain, which was first awarded by the Circle of Poets and the Mayor of Port of Spain in 2000. The late Alfred McDonald (A.M.) Clarke was the first title holder. 



A.M. Clarke was the author of sever al poems and short stories and was a  regular contributor to

the Literary  Section of the Trinidad Guardian in  the 1930s.  

In 1943, Clarke published the first  anthology of Trinidad poems which  included the work of others local  poets such as Edgar Mittelholzer, J. Hamilton Maurice and Hamilton Holer. In 1999 he was awarded "Poet of the City of Port-of-Spain  Award" (Port of Spain City Corporation). 

In 2000, he was named the first Poet Laureate of the City of Port-of Spain. His published works include: Best Poems of Trinidad (1943). 


is a poet, author, storyteller, an award winning actress and an activist. Audiences around the world

have been inspired by Dr. Springer's unique brand of poetry. She served as Poet Laureate of Port

of Spain from 2002-2009 and holds the  distinct honour of being the first national of  Trinidad and Tobago to perform her poetry at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival. Eintou, is also the recipient of the Humming Bird Silver Medal for her contribution to the development and propagation of  Arts and Culture. An award-winning ac tress, she was awarded the Vanguard  Award of the National Drama Association  of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT) in 2004.  Another significant highlight of her career  is the creation of the National Heritage  Library of Trinidad and Tobago an institution which she holds the distinct honour of  creating and developing. As an author, she has published five books  of poetry, ‘Loving the Skin I'm In', ‘Moving  into the Light', ‘Out of the Shadows' and  ‘Focused', as well as stories for children  entitled ‘God Child'. 

In 2015 Eintou, alongside Anson Gonzalez  was named by the “Caribbean Poetry  Movement” among as one of the top eight  (8) outstanding Caribbean Poets.  Dr. Eintou Springer was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts in 2018 from the University of Trinidad and Tobago.






began his career as a poet in the 1960's.  Since then his poems have been published in numerous

journals,  newsletters, newspapers, and anthologies. In 1973 he founded, edited, and  published

The New Voices, a bi-annual  literary journal that has published poems, plays, short stories, and non-fiction  by more than 300 Caribbean writers. He has been awarded the Writers’ Un ion Writer of the Year Award (1988),  and honoured for his services to the Caribbean literary community by the University of Miami. 

In 2015, Anson was inscribed into  the Memory of the World Register for  the Caribbean and Latin America, via  UNESCO Committee. He was later  named as one of the top eight (8) Poets  from the region by “Caribbean Poetry  Movement”, alongside Eintou Springer  and other renowned Caribbean Poets.  

On September 6, 2015 Anson Gonzalez  passed away. He will not be forgotten for  his contribution to the literary arts in  particular.

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