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National Poetry Day 2019

National Poetry Day 2018

2016 Member Appreciation

In 2016, the executive of the Circle of Poets saw the importance of recognising the senior members within the group. in doing so we were able to honour their journey to be better poets, to appreciate their stories and the lessons that came with each. Those persons were: 

  • Mrs. Safiya Baksh-Hosein

  • Mrs. Patricia Dalrymple

  • Ms. Lenore Antoine

  • Ms. Barbra Blackman

  • Mr. Norman Bravo (now deceased)

  • Mr. Selwin Wiltshire (now deceased) and

  • Mr. Kasi Senghor


In addition to those honoured (above), we also consider it our esteemed privilege to remember a few more persons who are no longer be with us, but they live on in our hearts; may they Rest in Peace:​

  • Ms. Yasmin Mohammed

  • Ms. Cynthia Hinkson 

  • ​Ms. Alana Babb

  • Mr. Dudley Ballentyne and 

  • Dr. Norma Andrews

2015 World Poetry Day

March 21st, 2015 the Circle of Poets of Trinidad and Tobago and Metropolitan Book Suppliers came together to present a public poetry reading in observance of World Poetry Day at the book store, which has been a hub for local writers and poets for many years. 

Collaboration With Culture House - 2014

Quinquagenary Poetry Workshop - 2012

World Poetry Day - 2012

World Poetry Day - 2011

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